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2018 Field Day Plans

Site Layout

New for This Year
2018 brings a move to 3A for WARAC. The additional station will be focused on Digital QSOs using a multi-band vertical antenna. Mike Johnson will be the station captain sharing the 6-meter radio. When the 6-meter band is closed, the radio will be re-purposed for HF digital work.

Barb Garnier will be running a GOTA station for WARAC this year. Stop by, take a look at the operation and work a few Qs. The station will operate under Barb’s callsign.

More attention will be placed on sign-up sheets for operating time slots and setup help. The Field Day operations team would like to see more hams enjoy the thrill of working Field Day contacts. It is a great opportunity to work in a traffic handling mode with little pressure to get every detail right. The purpose of the exercise is to do just that—practice! Promoting the idea to get more hams on the air, is an option to sign up for an elmer. The sign-up sheets will give you the choice of being paired with a mentor. Do you want to have someone log for you? Do you want to log for someone else? Ideally, take a few minutes observing, then grab the mic and have someone log for you! Spend an hour on the air and come back for more!

The Field Day arrangement is changing up by co-locating the pop-up campers closer to each other. This will give us a more community feel and make moving between stations much more convenient. Antenna locations will remain basically unchanged.

Back by Popular Demand
The other station setups are very similar to last year. Tom Macon will captain the 80/20-meter station running a loop antenna, Chuck Dellis will captain the 40/15-meter station running dipole antennas, and Steve Dryja & Phil Gural will captain the 6-meter station running a Yagi and a loop. The Flex radio will be used at the 40/15-meter station, so if you curious about finding out about the SDR craze, be sure and take a crack at operating the Flex.

Chuck Dellis, W9WLX, FD chairman
Mike Johnson, WO9B, President
West Allis Radio Amateur Club