Hamcation Gathering
February 8 & 9, 2014

Morning gathering at the hamfest. From left, Gordy, W9ZQK; Tampa Joe, K4TJO; Tom, AI4QP; John1, N1YV.

Thanks for the donuts, Joe!
JohnW, N9LGD and Kathy, the only representatives from Milwaukee this year.
Around the table - clockwise from left:
John4 (one eye), KR4KP; John's daughter Nancy and son-in-law Rick; Stew, N3JQJ; June's mother; June, KB3OGY, xyl of Stew; John1, N1YV; and Tampa Joe, K4TJO.
The Saturday night dinner at O'Charley's - from right, Dudley, N4DPD; Dudley's son, and Leon, K9GCF.
From left - Dudley, N4DPD and his son; Bud, W9YGD; Lew's xyl Mary and Lew, N4LD.
According to QRZ, N3JQJ married KB3OGY on September 26, 2009.
John4, KR4KP with Ted, KD8HYT, and the multitude. Ted's grandfather, Bob, W8RZZ, was unable to be there.
Lew, N4LD and xyl Mary with Gordy and xyl in the background.
The following day, Sunday, a crowd gathered at John4's QTH to participate in the Net. Here's John4 with Nancy and "the boys".
John1 at the mike with Stew, June and John4 monitoring.
John4 receiving one of June's patented hugs.
Stew at the mike of the powerful KR4KP station.

Web site courtesy West Allis Radio Amateur Club and QTH.com.