Hamcation Gathering
February 13 & 14, 2015

Morning gathering at the hamfest featuring donuts galore.

Thanks for the donuts, Joe!
From left, Gordy, W9ZQK; Gene, AD4UB; Larry, KV4LT; and Tampa Joe, K4TJO gather around.

John5, N5YAO; Gene, AD4UB; Chuck, N9DII and Gordy, W9ZQK.
Tom, AI4QP; Chuck, N9DII and John5, N5YAO.
Gordy and John1, N1YV looking happy and satisfied.

Thanks, Gordy, for setting up the morning shindig at the hamfest.
Bernie, KB3HBQ talks with John5 (left). Bernie's xyl, Bonnie on the right.
Chuck, one of two Milwaukee representatives this year, makes a point with John5 while Gene smiles at the birdie.
The evening soiree at O'Charley's with Gene, AD4UB and xyl, Doris; Gordy, W9ZQK and xyl, Lois; and John5, N5YAO.
John4 (red Wisconsin shirt) with daughter Nancy and son-in-law Rick munch appetizers as Lee, WA9HED, examines the menu. Lee is the other Milwaukee representative (although it seems like he's usually somewhere else.)
Tom, AI4QP and Chuck, N9DII hold down one end of a table.
And a big smile from Larry, KV4LT;.
Lew, N4LD with xyl Mary along with Tampa Joe, K4TJO.
The whole crew at O'Charley's.
John4, John5 and John1 hang out at Crabby Bill's in St Cloud on Friday. Where are John9 and JohnW?.

Could they be planning to start a John net?
John5 works on John4's rotator while Chuck, N9DII smiles at the camera.
John5 and John1 from the Tri-State Antenna Co. hard at work installing a new rotator at John4's QTH.
John4 shows off the new rotator cable that's about to be installed.
John5 applies the finishing touches to John4's rotator and cable replacement. The project was a success - John4 can now aim his beam wherever he wants!

Pictures courtesy Tri-State Antenna Co.     Web site courtesy West Allis Radio Amateur Club and QTH.com.