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Past WAWC Recipients

1990-2015 WARAC, Inc.

Worked All Wisconsin Counties Award

WAWC Award Sample

Eligibility Requirements
Award Requirements The WAWC award certificate will be issued to any individual licensed Amateur Radio Operator who submits a complete WAWC Application Form listing confirmed two-way QSO’s with all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties.   Only QSO’s made after 1800Z March 12, 1995 are valid.   The WAWC Application Form must be signed by the applicant and verified by one other licensed Amateur who is not related to the applicant.  All QSO’s are to be from the applicant’s QTH. 
QSO Validation A valid QSO is a contact for which the Amateur Operator has a QSL card confirming the time, date. mode and address of the contact.  In addition to QSL cards, as of 2014, Wisconsin QSO Party (WIQP) contacts MAY be claimed without a QSL card.

eQSL and LoTW are not being accepted at this time.


  • Since the West Allis Amateur Radio Club, Inc is the sponsor of both the WIQP and this award, the database records for the WIQP will be used to confirm the QSO.
  • For WIQP contacts, the address information is not needed.

Entry Format Applicants are encouraged to use the application form provided.  The application must show the call, city and county of each station worked, date, mode and band, arranged in alphabetical order by county.   Please indicate WIQP claimed QSO’s in the last column of the form.

Rights of Sponsor The sponsor reserves the right to request that QSL’s be sent in for inspection if any question is raised regarding confirmed QSO’s.   Decisions of the sponsor’s WAWC Committee are final.
Entries Applications and correspondence regarding the WAWC award can be either emailed (wawc@warac.org) or submitted by regular mail to:
West Allis Radio Amateur Club, Inc.
P.O. Box  1072
Milwaukee, WI 53201
Emailed submittals using the autofilled PDF form are preferred.  You will need to submit separately a signed application/verification sheet.  Scanned signature pages are acceptable.
Questions: Please direct any questions to the WARAC Award Coordinator, wawc@warac.org