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Wisconsin QSO Party
Cabrillo Format
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Multiplier List
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OBJECTIVE Stations anywhere contact Wisconsin stations for points. Wisconsin stations contact stations anywhere for points. Everybody has fun!
DATE/TIME March 13, 2016 from 1800Z to 0100Z March 14
(1:00PM CDT to 8:00PM CDT on March 13)
MODES CW and Phone. All stations may be worked once per mode on each band. Digital is counted as CW. Cannot work the same station on CW and Digital on the same band.
Mobiles and portables may be worked once per mode per Wisconsin county that they operate from. Mobiles or portables may not sit on a county line. Drivers may navigate and drive any other assistance must be considered multi-op.
Stations operated remotely will be considered pre-existing Portables (not eligible for Bonus points). The transmitter location must be given as the sent exchange.
  • Single Operator Fixed (SOF)
  • Single Operator Mobile (SOM)
  • Single Operator Rookie (SOR)
  • Multi Operator Fixed (MOF)
  • Multi Operator Mobile (MOM)
  • Multi Xmtr/Multi Op Fixed (MMF)
  • Multi Xmtr/Multi Op Mobile (MMM)
ROOKIE The rules for the Rookie category are:
  • No previous WIQP entry other than in the Rookie category
  • May enter this category no more than twice and entries must be in two consecutive years
  • Entries may be single operator only
To indicate this category on your log submission, please select Novice or Rookie on your entry form or logging program.
Wisconsin stations send County.
Non-Wisconsin stations send State or Province or Country.
BANDS All amateur bands and modes not prohibited for contesting may be used. No Repeater QSO's.
Suggested frequencies
CW: 1.820, 3.550, 7.050, 14.050, 21.050, 28.050
Phone: 1.870, 3.860, 7.230, 14.260, 21.350, 28.400
VHF: 6 meters 50.140(SSB), 52.530(FM)
2 meters 146.550
1.25 meters 223.520
70 cm 446.025
Please do not use the National Calling Frequencies:
     52.525, 146.52, 223.50, 446.00, 906.50, 1294.50
QRP less than 5 watts Power Mult = 2
Low 5 to 150 watts Power Mult = 1.5
High over 150W Power Mult = 1
MULTIPLIERS Wisconsin Stations: The sum of Wisconsin counties (max. 72), plus US states (max. 50) plus Canadian provinces (max. 13) worked. Wisconsin may be counted as a state multiplier. DX countries worked count for QSO points but not as multipliers.

Non-Wisconsin Stations: The number of Wisconsin counties worked (max.72). Only Wisconsin stations may be worked.
BONUS Wisconsin Mobiles/Portables: Add 500 bonus points for each county that you operate from outside your home county. A minimum of 12 QSOs per county is required to qualify. Portable stations must be set up for WIQP; pre-existing station locations cannot be considered portables.
SCORING Phone contacts count 1 point; CW and Digital contacts count 2 points.
  1. Add CW/Digital and Phone points.
  2. Then multiply by Power Level multiplier.
  3. Then multiply by your multiplier count under MULTIPLIERS.
  4. Finally, add your bonus points.
LOG SUBMISSION Electronic logs are preferred, but any log that is readable and complete will be accepted. To be complete, a log must contain the header information (see Entry Form) plus QSO data that includes time (UTC), call, band, mode, sent and received exchanges. Paper logs must be accompanied by an Entry Form. And, should you need it, here's in-depth information on our Cabrillo Log Format.
Email to wiqp-logs@warac.org

Regular mail to:
     Wisconsin QSO Party
     West Allis Radio Amateur Club
     P. O. Box 1072
     Milwaukee, WI 53201
We want your Log!
Logs due April 10, 2016
AWARDS Awards will be presented to the following:
  • *Highest Single Operator Fixed (SOF) score in Wisconsin
  • *Highest Single Operator Mobile (SOM) score in Wisconsin
  • *Highest overall Single Operator QRP score
  • *Highest Single Operator VHF score in Wisconsin (50Mhz and above)
  • 10 highest single operator scores in each entry category
  • 5 highest single operator scores in QRP and VHF categories
  • Highest multi-operator score in each entry category
  • *Highest aggregate club score (club member stations to be located within 50 miles of the club, except for mobiles and portables)
  • *Highest single operator score in the QSO Party outside Wisconsin
  • Highest single operator score in each single operator category in each state/province
  • All Rookie category entries
* Indicates a plaque; others are certificates.
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