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N1MM+ Logger Tips

The N1MM+ contest logging program has a lot of features and the price is right, but it may not be for everyone. If you're taking your first plunge into it, be prepared to spend some time getting a grip on how to use it effectively. This write-up is about WIQP-specific tips for using the program - it does not go into the basics. Also, as N1MM+ users know, there are frequent releases of new versions. Version 1.0.7080.0 was used for this write-up.

First, you must start a new contest log for WIQP, which is a two-step process. Select File > New Log in Database, then under Log Type select QSOPARTY. Then, go down to State For Log Type QSOPARTY and select WI. You may correct the Start Date if necessary.

The Category information you provide on this screen is important to create a correct log file. Of the drop-down Category boxes, Operator and Overlay are the tricky ones - see table below. In addition, it's important to select your correct Power (QRP, LOW or HIGH). Band and Mode don't matter - leave 'em at the defaults.

Use this table to make selections for Operator and Overlay.

WIQP Category N1MM Operator Category N1MM Overlay Category Notes
SOF Single-Op Fixed SINGLE-OP N/A
SOM Single-Op Mobile ROVER N/A
MOF Multi-Op Fixed MULTI-ONE N/A One transmitter
MOM Multi-Op Mobile ROVER N/A One transmitter
MMF Multi-Multi Fixed MULTI-MULTI N/A Two or more transmitters
MMM Multi-Multi Mobile ROVER N/A Two or more transmitters

But, as you can see, there's a bit of a problem for mobiles. They need to select ROVER in order to be able to change counties during the contest, but then there's no way to select Single or Multi. So if you're MOM or MMM, please use this work-around: indicate MOM or MMM in the SOAPBOX comments.

As mentioned in the last paragraph, the N1MM logger supports changing county names for mobiles and rovers. The N1MM on-line Help provides good information on the use of this feature and other QSO Party features. Check out Setup QSO Parties. There are several pages on QSO Party setup.

Saving Your Log
Make sure your Category selections described above are correct. Then select File > Generate Cabrillo File. Use the dialog box to select the location of your log file. Email it to wiqp-logs@warac.org. We want your log!

Additional Note
Until recently, the N1MM logger would not compute your claimed score correctly if you were in the LOW power category. Recent releases (early 2018) have fixed this (TU to N1MM & Co.). It's great that this is fixed, but since all WIQP logs are rescored when they are processed, this never affected our published contest results.

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