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Wisconsin QSO Party
Cabrillo Log File Information
WIQP Rules
Entry Form (pdf)

This document lays out the preferred submission file for the Wisconsin QSO Party (WIQP). This information is intended primarily for logging program developers, but WIQP participants looking for more in-depth information on WIQP log files will also find it useful.

There are two major considerations behind our log file format. First is that the log file contain all information needed to check and score an entrant's log per our rules. Secondary to this is our desire to make our log format compliant with the Cabrillo specification.

Wisconsin QSO Party log sample
CREATED-BY: [Name and version of WIQP logging program]
CONTEST: Wisconsin QSO Party
NAME: Harry N Workem
ADDRESS: 6537 Hightower Road
ADDRESS: Hamhill, WI 53068
EMAIL: hworkem@email.net
CLUB: West Allis RAC
SOAPBOX: Fine party but not much time to operate.
QSO:  7240 PH 2012-03-11 1801 W9HNW             RAC    ND9Z              BRO
QSO:  7240 PH 2012-03-11 1804 W9HNW             RAC    N9EZ/RAC          RAC
QSO:  7240 PH 2012-03-11 1802 W9HNW             RAC    AB9DI/WIN         WIN
QSO: 21030 CW 2012-03-11 1944 W9HNW             RAC    K6LL              AZ
QSO: 14022 CW 2012-03-11 2033 W9HNW             RAC    VE1OP             NS
QSO: 28403 PH 2012-03-11 1922 W9HNW             RAC    W1AW              CT
QSO: 28455 PH 2012-03-11 2111 W9HNW             RAC    VE5SF             SK
QSO: 28567 PH 2012-03-11 2145 W9HNW             RAC    DL6QK             DX
QSO:  7240 PH 2012-03-11 2255 W9HNW             KEN    WA9AXQ            MIL
QSO:  7240 PH 2012-03-11 2256 W9HNW             KEN    N9QA              OZA
QSO:  7240 PH 2012-03-11 2310 W9HNW             WAL    WA9AXQ            MIL
QSO:  7240 PH 2012-03-11 2313 W9HNW             WAL    N9QA              OZA
Header Notes

All tags should be in standard Cabrillo tag format: (left justified; upper case followed by a colon; words coupled with dashes).

LOCATION: is for S/P/C information (State, Province or "DX") only. This field is not intended for county information. LOCATION: is preferred, but ARRL-SECTION: may be used. Either way, this field needs to contain the S/P/C where its different from the ARRL Section.

EMAIL: is preferred, but "ADDRESS: (e-mail)" may be used.

ADDRESS-COUNTY: This field needs to contain the primary operator's home QTH county, which may not be the same as the county operated from. This is a special field needed for WIQP because Wisconsin stations receive a bonus for each county they operate from outside of their home county. (See Rules). Please note that this field is not in the Cabrillo spec, but is needed to determine bonus points for WIQP.

CATEGORY: should contain one of the three-character entry classes listed in the WIQP Rules.

CATEGORY-POWER: should be one of three power levels listed in the Rules.

QSO Data Notes

The QSO data lines are similar to the ARRL 160M contest example in the Cabrillo specification except that RSTs are not needed.

There should always be at least one space between fields. Fields may not contain spaces.

Each QSOs data should be on one line. Individual fields must be truncated if necessary to avoid wraps.

Non-Wisconsin stations must have their state in the sent exchange field and the county of the Wisconsin station worked in the received exchange field.

Wisconsin stations must have their current county in the sent exchange field and the received S/P/C or county in the received exchange field. Mobiles and Rovers should report their county operated from in the sent exchange field. See example.

The received exchange for QSOs with stations outside the U.S. states and Canadian provinces should show DX.


Please contact the West Allis Radio Amateur Club with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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